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When I was a kid, and going through a very hard time in my life, noticing and appreciating the natural world was something that held me together. I might not have been able to see a lot of hope in my life, but I could see a glimmer of it when I looked outside. A flower poking up through the concrete was just enough hope to keep me going til the next day. The sun streaming through the clouds lifted my scared heart. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough.   
    Twenty years later, I started Amy's Seasons Photography, which turned into Hopeful Hearts Photography. I was drawn to photographing nature and the things I enjoyed about each season.  It wasn't until two years later that I remembered how nature had helped me when I needed it most.  I had no memory of that when I started photographing trees and flowers and such. I just knew that they spoke to my soul and I needed to try to capture their beauty.  A walk in nature with my camera in hand is where my heart feels at peace.  And training my eyes to notice the beauty in the natural world taught me how to also notice the beauty in my personal world.  
    Now, Hopeful Hearts Photography is the link between my love of photography and my passion for supporting positive mental health. My hope is that I can help people see signs of hope and feel beauty in their souls, when they need it most.  A beautiful sunset does not take away all your troubles, but it might just lighten your pain for a moment.  You might be in a cold, dark winter in your life, but remembering that spring is coming might just give you the strength you need to keep on keeping on. 

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The Be A Finder Project:

This project is very close to my heart. The mission for this project is to educate people on how to recognize when someone is struggling, and be able to help them. My desire is to help people better understand mental illness, and give a voice to those who understand it all too well. To check it out, please explore the page here.