If Life is Laundry

I'm currently reading the book Hand Wash Cold. In it, the author, Karen Maezen Miller, makes the point that laundry is life. Literally. Life is also dishes. And all those other things that we often try to rush through or avoid. Your life is not an ideal "someday". It isn't a perfect vacation. It isn't waiting for you to get the perfect job, or the right career.  Your life is the everyday details you currently deal with all the time. Like laundry.  And there is an incredible amount of beauty to be found in the sheer realities of life.  While reading her book, I found myself thinking about how much a pile of laundry says about your life. The words below just tumbled out of my head and heart. Perhaps they will remind you of the gorgeous details to be found in your own life.

If Life is Laundry
If life is laundry…
Then my life is spilling over the edges, barely confined by its designated space.
Socks falling on the floor, sleeves poking out into the spaces, pushing at the boundaries.
Piling high in its abundance.
Some days the abundance is joyful in its sheer abandon, other days it is overwhelming in its insistence.
If life is laundry…
Then my life is a kaleidoscope of choices.
Choices of my former self still appearing randomly, reminding me of who I used to be.
Pieces of my future self beginning to pop up here and there, gifting me with the hope of what is to come.
Scattered throughout both is the reality of who I am now, pieces of the fabrics and colors that are serving the present me.

Cloaking me in comfort and the reassurance that the now is worthy of celebrating.
If life is laundry…
Then my life is bright and bold, yet calm and quiet.  Cheerful splashes of red and warm hugs of chocolate brown.
Soft and cozy, like a well-worn sweater, yet silky and smooth, like a sleek blouse.
Needing tending and continual care.  Attention to detail and the occasional pruning back of what no longer fits.
Allowing me to decide how I am going to show up in the world today.
Dressing my life, deciding what aspects of myself I am choosing to nurture today, and laying the foundation for my tomorrow.